A4SAFE, Inc.

Consultant Services

Maintaining, developing, and protecting your organization's technology and data capabilities can be difficult. Having to deal with unseen problems, upgrades, and implementation is a challenge in itself. But having to maintain the resources for an in-house technology engineering department can be expensive and overwhelming. That is where A4SAFE becomes an invaluable partner.

IT Research & Development

IT Research & Development

In the technology sector, R&D is a key component of innovation and an important means in achieving a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This investment in future capabilities will result into new products, processes, and services. At A4SAFE, we can help you with that investment through a broad range services and solutions that include all phases of R&D along with platform maturation and transition-ready technologies.

  • Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement
  • Requirements Gathering & Rapid Prototyping
  • Interoperability Engineering
  • Technology Reference Model (TRM) Assessments & Remediation
  • Vulnerability Assessments & Remediation
  • System Integration & Maintenance
  • Commercialization

Business IT Solutions

A4SAFE's engineered business solutions include the right hardware and software that enhance your business processes. We help our customers gain a competitive edge by leveraging new technologies to drive innovation and manage scalability.

  • Hardware & Software Procurement
  • Software Development
  • Microservices Development
  • CMS and Process Integration
  • Backup Solutions
  • Servers & Networking
  • Cloud Hosting & Migration
  • Infrastructure Management
Business IT Solutions
Big Data Engineering and Management

Big Data Engineering & Management

A4SAFE's Big Data Engineering and Management services enables our customers to visualize and establish big data policies across multiple domains and focus areas. We scale our engineered solutions to promote platform readiness that propel vision and value.

  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Prototyping & Tool Evaluation
  • Data Visualization Solutions
  • Data Integration, Access & Services
  • Scalable Data Processing & Storage
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Architecture
  • Governance & Security Management

IOT Engineering & Management

A4SAFE's end-to-end IoT solutions empower our customers by delivering connected assets, operations, and services. Our expertise spans all stages of IoT adoption resulting in a seamless single vendor experience to maximize efficiencies.

  • Technology and Business Process Analysis
  • Integrate & Transform Business Processes
  • Design, develop, integrate, and deploy IoT processes
  • Open Platform Architecture
  • Embedded & Firmware Engineering
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Seamless IoT Solution Integration
IOT Engineering & Management
IT Security

IT Security

IT security and privacy risks are becoming more prominent. A4SAFE uses the latest technology and techniques to stave off productivity loss and data security risks.

  • Malware Removal & Protection
  • Governance Risk & Compliance
  • System Vulnerability Analysis & Remediation
  • Network Access Control