A4SAFE, Inc.


Our diverse staff of architects and engineers possess expertise in a number of disciplines that encompass information technology. This wealth of experience is derived from supporting both private and federal entities in the Washington DC area for over 20 years.

Classification Codes & Contract Vehicles

North American Industry Classification (NAICS) Codes:

Contract Vehicles:

  • GSA IT Schedule 70 - Provides a broad range of Information Technology services spanning the full spectrum of the system life cycle.

Engineering and Architecture Capabilities

Software Engineering & Testing

  • SELC (Systems Engineering Lifecycle)
  • AWS Cloud Application Development
  • Agile Development (DevOps, SAFe, & Scrum)
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Software Modernization & Transformation
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Microservices Development
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Application Testing

Prototyping & Design

  • Requirements - collect, define, verify and formulate to determine the overall objectives of your system
  • Employ the latest in UI concepts and underlying frameworks for a clean and modern design
  • Design required UI features and functionality prototyping based on requirements and client feedback
  • Construct clickable, high-accuracy wireframes that approximates the characteristics of final product
  • Engineer a functional and deployable prototype to assess hosting and infrastructure requirements

Interoperability and Integration

  • Domain Governance
  • Development of data exchange standards, internal processes, and operational effectiveness.
  • Facilitating interoperability standards between international and national organizations, including federal, state, local, and tribal organizations, utilizing emergency-related data and information.

Cyber Security

  • Development of security protocols to align information security policy with business goals
  • Development of Enterprise Security Strategies
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments to identify and remediate risks
  • Execution of Compliance Assessments and Implementation Plans
  • Development of security architecture to ensure enterprise and network security
  • IoT Research and Development

Cloud & Big Data Center Infrastructure Engineering

  • Engineered solutions to efficiently collect, archive, cleanse, display, transform, and process large structured and unstructured volumes of data.
  • Architect federally approved cloud services
  • Development of Enterprise Strategy Management Plans
  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Transformation & Cloud Migration Assessment Services
  • Cloud Virtualization Communications Engineering